We Solve Problems.

Our calling card is “Smart Design Solutions.” With an extraordinary talent pool of more than 100 professionals, Stevens & Wilkinson provides a full-range of design services that include architecture, planning, engineering, interior design, and contract administration. Our in-house project teams apply their market sector expertise, creating within our multi-discipline practice, a rich synthesis of experiences, perspectives and ingenuity, all leading to unique project solutions.

We Listen.

The key to successful communication starts with interpreting what we hear and being open to exploring each project’s full range of possibilities.

Stevens & Wilkinson - Architecture, Engineering, Interiors

We're Budget Conscious.

We pride ourselves on being great stewards of a project’s resources. Our ‘Smart Design Solutions’ mean we often complete our scope of work with enough resources and ideas left over to deliver something extra—design elements or space modifications, for example, that enhance a building’s flair and functionality.

We Make the Intangibles Tangible.

In our world, each promising project idea is an opportunity for our firm to bring something special to the enterprise. And to leave something extra behind. True to our legacy, Stevens & Wilkinson is committed to bedrock business principles while continually adopting new strategies to deliver memorable design solutions.

We Don't Stand Still.

The firm’s early embrace of CAD, BIM and other design-based technology, coupled with our contributions in sustainable design, continues to propel Stevens & Wilkinson as a leading industry pacesetter.

Markets We Serve.

Offering integrated, well-coordinated design services, our target markets include: CONNECT, ENRICH, GOVERN, HEAL, LIVE, LEARN, PLAY, RESTORE, and WORK.