Designing for the Future

York County is constructing a new County Administration Building at the corner of South Congaree Street and West Jefferson Street. As a part of the project, the existing one-story Ag Building, which presently houses several county government departments, will be demolished. The new site offers the County the opportunity to consolidate most of the office space needed for day-to-day operations including internal space for future expansion. The programmatic needs call for approximately 80,000 square feet of area. Considering the site, the preferred solution is a four-story building of about 20,000 square feet per floor.

Matching the Historic Fabric

The new structure takes several design clues from the existing historic Courthouse. The proposed government center is set back from South Congress to align with the Courthouse. A generous green space is uninterrupted for the entire block. Most of the existing trees will remain and will be supplemented by new plantings. Due to unusual topography, the scale of the new building is seen as a three-story structure along South Congress Street. This height is consistent with neighboring buildings in the area (the Courthouse and those across the street). As the grade drops to the rear of the site, the lowest level is exposed to become a four-story façade.

The composition of the exterior is traditional in nature and has a cast stone base, brick mid-section, and topped with a cast stone cornice. A hipped roof will hide the rooftop mechanical equipment, while the colors, textures and scale are complimentary to the town’s historic Courthouse. Further site development includes the re-design and expansion of the parking lot. A garden wall is proposed to hide the cars from South Congress as well as the addition of trees and landscaping. A secondary lot is proposed at the rear of the site. The low portion of the site accommodates site drainage and is treated as an attractive feature.

The new York County Government Center is an 80,000 square foot County Administration Building to be located at the corner of South Congaree Street and West Jefferson Street across from the existing historic courthouse.

ClientYork County Government LocationYork, South Carolina Project Size80,000 square feetServicesArchitecture, Engineering, Interior Design