Specialized Care at Baptist Location

SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson worked with Prisma Health on the design and development of a new 5,000-square foot rehab facility located at the recently completed Baptist Parkridge hospital. Offering specialized orthopedic care for a full range of conditions, patients will be partnered with a team of highly skilled physicians based throughout the Columbia area. The space was designed to allow caregivers the ability to work one-on-one with patients as they are guided through treatment, diagnosis and recovery. Rehab spaces include the following: an open floor plan with natural views and daylight to energize patients on their path to wellness.

Innovative Work/Flow Space at Northeast Location

Working with the Prisma Health/University of South Carolina Medical Group, SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson recently completed a full-service Orthopedics clinic with associated rehab space. The clinic is designed around an innovative work flow which includes semi-independent physician, physician assistant, and nurse/tech within a self-sufficient module. While the overall practice is large, the patient experience remains small and personal. The rehab space was designed to be open and light filled, helping to encourage patients with their medical rehabilitation.

Open Floor Plan at Downtown Location

This new facility, now home to the agency’s sports training and rehabilitation program, is built within an existing warehouse, with the final design including indoor running tracks, turf play areas, video recording and analysis equipment, and weight therapy. The open floor plan provides access to outdoor training areas via a roll-up garage door and also includes a small basketball court, running lanes, and a sand pit.

SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson worked with Prisma Health-USC Orthopedics on three new state-of-the-art specialized orthopedic rehabilitation sites: Prisma Health Baptist, Prisma Health-USC Northeast and Prisma Health-USC Downtown. Each site boasts the development and design of full-service orthopedic clinics and rehab training space.

ClientPrisma Health-University of South Carolina Medical GroupLocationColumbia, South CarolinaProject SizeBaptist: 5,000 square feet; Northeast: 24,000 square feet; Downtown: 8,500 square feet ServicesArchitecture, Engineering, Interior Design

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