Unique Layout

This multi-level garage uses a three-bay double-helix layout to efficiently accommodate 980 vehicles. Easy access is provided through a vestibule into the Meridian’s Main Lobby. In addition to parking, this structure also provides commercial space at the ground level, with fronts on Washington and Sumter Streets, all designed to address the primary urban design goal of serving store fronts for the Columbia area.

Strong Architectural Identity

Facing a limited budget, the design team successfully used precast concrete for structural framing and exterior cladding and precast panels’ to blend with the adjacent office building, thus promoting a strong sense of architectural identity. The two primary facades incorporate a series of openings that relate to the structural grid and are arranged to emphasize the corner and stairway.

The Meridian Building features a three-bay double-helix layout with easy access provided through the vestibule of the Meridian’s main lobby.

ClientHolder PropertiesLocationColumbia, South CarolinaProject Size980 SpacesServicesArchitecture, Engineering

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