Former Library

SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson recently completed the renovation of the former 1950 Lake City Library. This building played an important role in the early education of Dr. Ronald E. McNair, Lake City native and former NASA astronaut who, at nine years of age, was denied access to books about advanced science and calculus, due to the color of his skin.

Creating a Center for the Community

After refusing to leave the library, the police intervened and the books were entrusted to McNair’s mother who promptly handed them to McNair on the way out of the library. Today, the center serves as a community space for a variety of educational and civic activities. Future phases include a science education center and a public park featuring space related exhibits.

The Ronald E. McNair Life History Center, located in downtown Lake City, South Carolina, included the renovation of the town’s former 1950 Lake City Library.

ClientLake City Partnership Council LocationLake City, South Carolina Project Size5,000 square feetServicesArchitecture, Engineering

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