New County Complex

SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson worked with Horry County to create a new judicial and administration complex that features 11 courtrooms, judges’ chambers, jury rooms, numerous administration offices and spacious public areas.

Creating Two Distinct Wings

By dividing the complex into two distinct wings – a two-story county government facility and three-story judicial center – our design team created a central sky lighted atrium and main lobby that served as the building’s front door and main connector to each wing.

Matching the Historical Fabric

On the judicial side, a clear delineation is established between the public accessible spaces and the secured jury rooms and judges’ chambers. Brick was selected to help blend the new complex into the historical context of the area. Additionally, traditional design elements were used to scale down the massing of the complex.

A Note from Gary Watson, Horry County Construction & Maintenance 

“Our new Courthouse is beautiful and operates very efficiently - both from a systems standpoint and for the procedures of the courtroom. SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson studied and produced an excellent security system for the building.”

The Horry County Judicial and Administration Complex is a nearly 200,000-square foot facility with 11 courtrooms.

ClientHorry County South Carolina Government LocationConway, South Carolina Project SizeJudicial Complex - 160,000 square feet; Administrative Complex - 85,000 square feet ServicesArchitecture, Engineering, Interior Design

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