Creating Effective Workplaces

The Georgia Building Authority recognized that a valuable asset, the Health Building, was in need of a complete renovation to modernize the structure into an effective workplace to support the agencies that would occupy the facility.

Maintaining the Building's Integrity

Built in the early 1950s, exterior goals for the project included: retaining the integrity of the building facade while improving site features such as parking, courtyard and building access points, as well as creating a work space that would provide value to the GBA and their clients well into the future.

Improving the Primary Circulation

Our project team developed zoning diagrams to analyze the opportunities and constraints provided by the building footprint in an effort to maximize the flow of natural light into the space, improve primary circulation and create planning efficiencies through the massing of these elements. The interior architecture uses strong but simple gestures that are modern and tailored to provide value over time. The use of energy efficient, indirect light fixtures throughout supplements daylight and creates an environment that is pleasant and supportive.

The Georgia Building Authority (GBA) renovation of 47 Trinity Health Building is a complete renovation which modernized the structure into an effective workplace.

ClientGeorgia Building Authority (GBA)LocationAtlanta, Georgia Project Size192,000 square feet ServicesArchitecture, Engineering, Interior Design

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