Introducing a New Model of Care

SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson, a full-service architecture, engineering, and interior design firm, in conjunction with EBA, Ernest Bland Associates, P.C., recently completed design documents for two state-of-the-art 104-bed Veterans Nursing Facilities.

A major objective of the design was to develop an environment for the veterans that resembles a home. Each resident will have a private bedroom with an adjacent private bath. Additionally, each facility will allow members freedom of choice in their activities and routines which may include clinical, therapeutic, extracurricular, and spiritual activities that support the daily needs of Veterans. The environments are focused on the resident as the center of care, thereby enhancing the quality of life and dignity of those residing in the facilities.

A Unique Organizing Design Element

Single-loaded concourses and corridors facing landscaped courtyards are utilized as an organizing design element to maximize direct visual and physical connections to outdoor areas and assist with wayfinding. A broad concourse (“hall”) connects the main entrance to a central lounge and a generous “back porch” seating area facing the main courtyard. This central hall has ample natural light from clerestory windows above.

Building Features & Amenities

Each facility is approximately 142,000-square feet, designed as a single-story facility organized around a series of courtyards. These courtyards are surrounded by a central community building and four adjacent neighborhood buildings. Each neighborhood houses two resident homes consisting of 13 private patient rooms with shared living and dining spaces. The community center is approximately 34,000 square feet and houses common “gathering” and activity spaces, such as a “bistro,” large group room, activity room, chapel, physical/occupational therapy and clinical spaces for therapeutic functions and staff/administrative spaces.

A Note from Robby Aull, Principal - Director of Healthcare

“By striving to make these buildings feel like real homes, we will create environments that go far beyond the public’s perception of what a traditional nursing home is. These new homes will be welcoming and healing spaces that will enhance the overall quality of life for our Veterans.”

The new VA Small House Model Long-Term Care Facilities are approximately 142,000-gross square feet each and are designed as single-story facilities organized around a series of courtyards. Each courtyard will be surrounded by a central community building and four adjacent neighborhood buildings. SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson , in conjunction with EBA, Ernest Bland Associates, P.C. recently completed the design documents for the two new 104-bed Veterans Nursing Facilities.

ClientState of South CarolinaLocationGaffney, South Carolina Project Size104-bed facility; 142,000 square feetServicesPlanning, Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design

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