Sleek New High-Rise

This sleek high-rise, located in downtown Columbia’s Central Business District, houses approximately 280,000 square feet of speculative office space and is considered among many as a statement of “no frills” architecture. Maximum net leasable space is provided by utilizing a taut glass skin, while polished black granite is combined with the glass at the base and parapet to produce a simple form that brings about more of a relationship – one devoid of excess “visual baggage.”

The four-story granite facade along Main Street recalls the height of the neighboring properties by relating to the human scale, thus helping the tower meet the ground. Above it, glass acts as an artificial sky that reflects the cloud pattern of the day. Working in concert with structures across the street, this new urban space also features an outdoor Plaza along Main Street, created to serve as a pedestrian gathering spot during parades and various outdoor events.

Vibrant & Bold Lobby Re-configuration

The renovation of the ground floor lobby focused on creating a new street level image for the 280,000-square foot structure. The original design, approximately 20 years old, had a minimal area assigned for public access going into its main elevator core. Not only was the area limiting, it was also only one-story in height. The renovation included a bold re-configuration of the lobby area via a curbed curtain wall beneath the existing colonnade. Portions of the second floor were removed to create a two-story lobby space extending the entire length of the building along Main Street while new finishes were introduced to change the dull and dark space into a bright, welcoming area.

Located in the heart of downtown Columbia, SC’s Central Business District, the 280,000 square foot building is a true statement of “no frills” architecture.

ClientFranklin Street Properties/Colliers International and Franklin Street Properties LocationColumbia, South Carolina Project SizeOriginal Building: 280,000 square feet; Lobby Construction: 7,000 square feetServicesArchitecture, Engineering, Interior Design

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