Transportation is more than making sure travelers arrive at a destination – it’s about creating memorable moments along the way. Terminals aren’t just rows of benches or waiting areas until the next flight.

The modern terminal is part of one’s journey. It is the blending of hospitality, retail experiences, dining, and local culture into a community atmosphere. The design of transportation spaces should contribute to the mental and physical wellness of the traveler, whether they are hopping on a short domestic flight or embarking on a massive international journey. Using our wealth of experience, we blend fresh-air spaces, locally-relevant design, and ageless concepts to provide thoughtful, accessible facilities.

"Our integrated design capabilities are perfect for meeting the evolving travel expectations of the modern traveler."

— Janice Wittschieve, AIA, NCIDQ, LEED AP, Principal and Vice President

Air travel is often viewed as glamorous or high profile, but ground transportation is an integral part of every city’s fabric. Public transportation terminals, parking garages, and aging infrastructure all need to be treated with a responsible and discerning eye.

Our integrated approach to design, which balances the needs of the project with the needs of the surrounding community, has allowed us to create award-winning parking structures across the region. These structures are not the cold concrete structures of the past, but welcoming and significant garages that add to a regions cityscape. These are high-quality ‘smart’ solutions that add long-lasting benefits to the neighborhoods they are part of – solutions that artfully fit into the context of the area and, most importantly, solutions that are innovative and unique.

Both public and private entities throughout the Southeast region have relied on Stevens & Wilkinson to develop and design improvements and new construction projects. It’s not just one-time projects either, as clients have continued to come back time and time again for new projects.

"The sensitivity of transportation projects – balancing local policies, sustainability, public demand and more – demands an experienced design firm."

— Bill Polk, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Associate Principal and Vice President (SWGA)

As a full-service firm, we cover all aspects of the design process for a project. From feasibility and programming studies through building design, engineering, and interior design, we represent a full-service solution. Drawing from years of experience, we take into consideration the unique requirements of every project and develop planning solutions that are sustainable, financially responsible, and culturally sensitive. They are forward-thinking and comprehensive solutions that connect people and places.

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