People are finding their way back to the city. They want places that are alive, places that are vibrant, places where they can live, work and play.

Mixed-use centers are destinations that excite people, that pull them in and hold them. They need to work to create great urban places and benefit the public realm. The perfect mixed-use project will create a property that is built around the pedestrian, with long-term value and livability in mind. It will be free of predictability and formula, instead creating a singular experience that is replicated nowhere else.

" When you compare single-use and mixed-use projects of similar size, the mixed-use projects do a better job of being efficient when it comes to land and resources, while also generating higher revenues. "

– Bill Fleming, Vice President and Senior Architect

Stevens & Wilkinson understands the unique aspects of designing mixed-use properties. There are plenty of implications to consider – politics, economics, and real estate are just three of them.

That’s why we study and evaluate the neighborhood’s character, developing a plan to create a property that has a sense of place. Mixed-use properties should belong, not stand out. They need to have spirit and uniqueness, yet speak to the history of an area. Our experience spans from planning and feasibility studies through project delivery – all along the way, implementing principles of proven urbanism, connectivity and sustainability.

Our expertise in delivering distinctive mixed-use developments has made Stevens & Wilkinson a leader in complex mixed-use projects throughout the Southeast region. Click through to see some of our premiere projects.

Our clients represent some of the leading investors and property owners in the Southeast. Mixed-use development is a complex task, to be undertaken only with a deep understanding of the details involved. Returning time and again, our clients have experienced first-hand the emphasis we put on providing a precise, timely project – it’s why they keep coming back.

" Being able to go from work, to play, to home, all in one easily-walkable building is the dream for the newer generation. "

.” – Keith Branham, Principal and Senior Vice President

With a collaborative approach that brings together team members from a variety of disciplines, we focus on how every facet of the mixed-use property can be designed to capture distinct qualities. We embrace modern, design-based technology to resolve any key issues, and we pride ourselves in being great stewards of a project’s resources. In the end, we deliver a superior solution, on a timely basis, to ensure your project’s success moving forward.

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