Great hospitality design is not merely about design for today – it’s about designing for the future. What will keep the guest returning again and again, a decade or more into the future?

Comfortable, invigorating, and refined, our designs provide a memorable guest experience. By researching the place and people, we can create hospitality experiences that are culturally relevant to the surrounding community. We assist our clients in developing hotels and residences that are designed both for living and business, welcoming to visitors from all walks of life, for whatever purpose they need from a space.

" While we are an expansive team, with an array of experience, our core aim is still to provide personal service to every client. "

– Bill Clark, Principal and President

No matter how great a destination looks, leisure and hospitality projects need to be develop with efficiency and operation in mind. Beauty without function is not something a hotel or resort can afford.

We here at Stevens & Wilkinson consider the challenges that face your team throughout the life of a hospitality destination. Facilities management and operations need to be considered throughout the design and engineering phases of your project. Our team understands the demands of hotel operation and designing to provide the utmost efficiency in day-to-day use, while remaining attractive and clientele-friendly.

With decades of experience across a diverse range of hotel properties and other hospitality, our team at Stevens & Wilkinson has completed some of the most high-profile projects in the region. Click through to see some of our premiere projects.

At Stevens & Wilkinson, we have partnered with hotel brands and boutique destinations throughout the Southeast region. Our clients represent some of the leading names in the hospitality industry. It’s not just one-time projects either, as clients have continued to come back time and time again for new projects.

" Each hospitality project is an opportunity for our firm to create something special, a truly memorable experience for guests and project owners alike. "

— Carlton Sparks, Executive Officer

Embracing modern, design-based technology and pairing it with a team of forward-thinking experts, we provide integrated, well-coordinated design services. At Stevens & Wilkinson, we have demonstrated our ability to deliver superior solutions and memorable experiences. We pride ourselves in being great stewards of a project’s resources, while meeting goals through timely delivery.

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