Your care begins with the patient, a tenet that we here at Stevens & Wilkinson take to heart. We create healing environments, where comfort for overnight stays and visitor-friendly accommodations are as important as the sterile procedure rooms.

With extensive project experience across the healthcare industry, Stevens & Wilkinson has operational- and research-based solutions that are tried and tested. Through our vast knowledge and understanding of the industry, we have learned to enhance the patient experience and provide a positive, considerate facility. Maximizing patient and staff satisfactions, helping to optimize workflow, and increasing safety, our designs are focused on helping to improve patient outcomes.

" Working with companies in the healthcare field lets us create healthy, supportive environments for patients, families, physicians, and staff. It’s a way we can try to make some of the most stressful life events less stressful. "

– Robby Aull, Principal and Senior Vice President

The web of healthcare is vast, and it’s more than just hospitals and physicians offices. The stages of the care process, and the stages of the human life, all need to be considered and accounted for.

From creating state-of-the-art, specialized laboratory spaces, to life sciences centers, to administrative buildings, we have helped clients to solve the challenges faced when planning new facilities, or renovating older facilities. Whether an inspiring wellness center for the adults of tomorrow, or senior living housing where our elderly can find comforts to enjoy their later years, we aim to create a solution that can be appreciated through the eyes of the patient, the staff, and the surrounding community.

With decades of experience across a diverse range of hospitals, outpatient care facilities, wellness centers, and other healthcare facilities, our team at Stevens & Wilkinson has completed some of the most high-profile projects in the region. Click through to see some of our premiere projects.

Throughout Atlanta, Charlotte, and the Southeast region, Stevens & Wilkinson has partnered with local and regional healthcare systems, physicians, therapists, and other specialists to create healing spaces, environments with purpose.

" While hospitals and wellness centers need to have efficiency, they can also be attractive to the eye, pleasing and inviting. "

– Todd Dolson, Senior Designer

Embracing modern, design-based technology and pairing it with a team of forward-thinking experts, we provide integrated, well-coordinated design services. At Stevens & Wilkinson, we have demonstrated our ability to deliver superior solution, continually striving to improve our design process to meet the desires of project owners. We pride ourselves in being great stewards of a project’s resources, while meeting goals through timely delivery.

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