Our team creates supportive spaces that provide healthy environments for patients, families, physicians and staff. With deep expertise and knowledge of the complex planning and design of engineering systems, we combine opportunities to enhance staff and operational efficiency, while providing the highest-level of patient safety and care.

With extensive project experience across the healthcare industry, SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson has operational- and research-based solutions that are tried and tested. Through our vast knowledge and understanding of the industry, we have learned to enhance the patient experience and provide a positive and considerate facility. Maximizing patient and staff satisfactions, helping to optimize workflow, and increasing safety, our designs are focused on helping to improve patient outcomes.

" Working with companies in the healthcare field lets us create healthy, supportive environments for patients, families, physicians, and staff. It’s a way we can try to make some of the most stressful life events less stressful. "

– Robby Aull, AIA, ACHA, LEED AP, Principal, Senior Vice President

The web of healthcare is vast, and it’s more than just hospitals and physicians offices. The stages of the care process, and the stages of human life, all need to be considered and accounted for.

From creating state-of-the-art specialized laboratory spaces and life sciences centers, to administrative and medical office buildings, we have helped clients solve the challenges faced when planning new facilities, or renovating older facilities. Whether a complex hospital wing renovation, https://www.ab-dent.com/lasix-product-technology/ or a new cancer treatment addition, we aim to create a solution that can be appreciated through the eyes of the patient, the staff, and the surrounding community.

We believe a building can have a positive impact on a patient’s motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is why we are passionate about creating environments that are comfortable, efficient and inspiring.

At SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson, we develop smart design solutions that strike the right balance between physical, mental and emotional health. Most wellness centers are unique environments, and because of this, we understand the importance of delivering a facility that not only meets the needs of the public, but aligns with the goals of creating healthier environments – vibrant spaces that emanate positivity and enrich the lives of our clients and their constituents. Embracing the human condition in all aspects of design, our firm works hard to provide a solution that is mindful of facility investment, while also catering to the end-users considerations.

With decades of experience designing facilities that focus on the wellbeing of our communities, SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson has completed a number of wellness centers that cater to each and every patient population. Learn more about our premiere projects below.

At SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson, we have partnered with local civic and government agencies and private developers to create the very best recreation and retail structures throughout the southeast. By providing projects that are on time and on budget, we have developed long-term relationships with our clients that have led to some of the region’s most prominent facilities.

"While hospitals and wellness centers need to have efficiency, they can also be attractive to the eye, pleasing and inviting."

– Jae Chong, AIA, LEED AP, Vice President, Senior Architect (SWGA)

Embracing modern, design-based technology and pairing it with a team of forward-thinking experts, we provide integrated, well-coordinated design services. At SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson, we have demonstrated our ability to deliver superior solutions and memorable experiences. We pride ourselves on being great stewards of a project’s resources, while meeting goals through timely delivery.

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