The evolution of the classroom has led to exciting innovation in classroom design. Learning environments have changed as the needs of children have changed. The modern student seeks technology-friendly and collaborative learning spaces that encourage growth and innovation.

When designing educational facilities, we take into account a wide variety of elements. We have seen how individual curricula and programs need to drive the design solutions, and how the physical environment impacts student and teacher performance. Educational facilities are the center of the community, where students, teachers, and faculty from all walks of life come together for the purpose of growing for tomorrow. It’s more than just classrooms or resident halls where students live together, laboratories or lecture halls  where the minds of those who will drive the 21st century forward are nurtured, and social and sports arenas where camaraderie is developed. They are all of equally high importance.

"Designing for higher education can be exciting, as we develop spaces that match the diversity and uniqueness of a campus community."

– Keith Branham, PE, LEED AP, Principal and Senior Vice President

With such a rich history of design, we have developed two separate design studios that cater to the specific needs and unique criteria that drive K-12 and higher education. Keeping in mind the differences between the two, we can develop these special environments and help promote growth throughout the full length of a student’s educational path.

Our guidance and expertise helps academic organizations to balance sustainability, opportunity, and economic responsibility in the design of their new facilities. Designing a new grade school necessitates a much different approach than developing a research center for engineering students in higher education. Our teams understand the differences and approach each new project with this in mind.

Throughout the Southeast region, Stevens & Wilkinson has partnered with school districts, colleges, universities, trade schools, and other educational systems. Over the years, both public and private school districts, and colleges and universities alike have come to rely on us for a range services that include new construction, renovations, additions, and expansions.

"Educational institutions can’t just plan for the students of today. We need to create flexible, adaptable spaces so that as generations shift and learning styles shift, the facilities can shift with them."

– Kirk Marchisen, Principal and Vice President (SWGA)

Embracing modern, design-based technology and pairing it with a team of forward-thinking experts, we are known for our integrated and well-coordinated design services. At Stevens & Wilkinson, we have demonstrated our ability to deliver superior solutions, continually striving to improve our design process to meet the desires of project owners. We pride ourselves in being excellent stewards of a project’s resources, while meeting goals through timely delivery.

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