Driving Purpose

We create places and buildings that enhance how our communities are experienced. Our designs shape and reflect our world, creating settings that inspire our lives. Healing and learning, working and playing, they are designs meant to stir something within the public, to help create and drive purpose forward. Not just for today, but for the future and beyond.

Promoting Diversity

To drive ideas for the future, you need to draw on histories and experiences from all backgrounds. It is critical – a singular mindset will never create a groundbreaking design. Diversity allows us to exchange histories and experiences, learning from each other’s unique perspectives.

Stevens & Wilkinson - Columbia SC - Architectural Team

Partners in Business

At the heart of our company is the idea that you are not merely the client, and we are not merely the design provider. We are partners in enterprise, building relationships that further not just our team or your project, but the greater community and public. We strive for responsibility in all aspects, acting as stewards of your project’s resources and your intentions. It is a culture of cooperation and collaboration.

Enhancing Our Communities

As a firm, we at SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson are committed to intelligent, sustainable design that respects our communities and environment. Our designs are for generations to come, and that means we need to ensure that our environment is protected as well for that future. Sustainable knowledge and practices enhance our value, not just to customers, but to our region.

Forever Learning

Through learning, we can continually evolve, finding new ways forward. Learning challenges the mind and plants the seeds of new ideas, allowing our organization to transform. Whether it is mastering change through adapting new practices, new technologies, or new ways of thought, we are always exploring the potential to grow. We do not stand still.

Built on Values

Words like honesty and integrity are not merely words to us, they are ways we connect with our community. As a firm that has represented excellence throughout the Southeast region since 1919, we have embraced our position as a foundation of the community. We aim to represent its values in everything we do.

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