The commercial and office world is constantly evolving, as space requirements, real estate costs, technology expansion and sustainability goals drive changes for now and into the future. We help your team face those challenges head-on.

Our team at Stevens & Wilkinson understands the challenges faced in the commercial and office design realms. Space design and planning are key, as workplace trends are constantly changing, with sharp attention needed to produce continually successful work environments. Adaptability, flexibility, and efficiency all drive our designs, while ensuring that your corporate vision is expressed through your space.

“As much time as we spend in the office and workspace these days, it is vital that it is a comfortable, nurturing space.”

– Tim Williams, Associate Vice President and Senior Architect

Developing the perfect commercial or office space can be a taxing process. With our years of experience, we have it down to a science.

The project starts with assessing your needs and aspirations as a building owner or company. Your vision needs to drive the project, to give birth to the idea – we’re here to make sure that happens. We tailor everything from exterior design to the vital building systems to meet your intent and express your values, while taking the neighborhood and environment into account to meet our value of responsible design.

From single-company campus to multi-tenant high-rises, shining new innovation centers to preservation-minded remodeling, Stevens & Wilkinson has shaped the commercial and office geography of the Southeast. Click through to see some of our premiere projects.

At Stevens & Wilkinson, we have partnered with local and regional building owners, as well as international corporations, to produce stunning campuses and office buildings. With such a track record, numerous clients have returned time and time again to partner with us for new projects.

" With corporate branding being so valuable, we make sure to incorporate designs that stay on message, giving our clients the space that meets their vision. "

– Bill Polk, Associate Principal and Vice President

Embracing modern, design-based technology and pairing it with a team of forward-thinking experts, we provide integrated, well-coordinated design services. At Stevens & Wilkinson, we have demonstrated our ability to deliver superior solutions and memorable experiences. We pride ourselves in being great stewards of a project’s resources, while meeting goals through timely delivery.

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