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Designing With Purpose

We believe in the power of design to inspire and engage, and we seek potential team members who subscribe to the same ideals. Professionals who are dynamic, inquisitive, and who seek to make an indelible mark on the world around them.

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Pursuit of Ideas

We want to push the boundaries of design, explore the possibilities that new technology and new thoughts bring to the table. Redefining what is possible through the power of design. Challenging design norms.

What We Do
Stevens & Wilkinson - Columbia Team

Stevens & Wilkinson - Atlanta, GA - Engineering Department

Focus on Family

While the client is important, we must also focus within. At Stevens & Wilkinson, we value your health and wellness beyond what you can contribute to our team. As part of our family, we seek to help you grow, become secure, and return what you can to the community that surrounds us.

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Diversity and Inclusion

We embrace and leverage our differences to create a stronger team. Talent knows no creed, sex, or color, and by moving past these barriers and stereotypes, we develop a workplace where teams of talented professionals can use their collective talents to further our communities. At Stevens & Wilkinson we are committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all persons without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, gender orientation, national origin or disability.

Our Culture
Stevens & Wilkinson - Team

Stevens & Wilkinson - Columbia Team

Developing Talent

Professional growth is important, and we seek team members who desire growth and evolution, both personally and professionally. We are dedicated to forward-thinking innovation in our designs, and we pursue that trait in our project teams.

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What Sets Us Apart

Combining passion and enthusiasm with technical proficiency, our team strikes a balance that sets us far and above our peers. We are committed to assembling a group of professionals to deliver quality and innovative solutions.

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