Adaptive reuse projects bring the opportunity to transform streets, neighborhoods, and districts. By breathing life into abandoned sites, we can renew the vitality of an area without drastically changing its geography.

Our team at Stevens & Wilkinson looks forward to the opportunities we get with adaptive reuse projects. We are sometimes in too much of a hurry to tear down building and build anew. Adaptive reuse provides an opportunity for structures to get a second chance at life, a new purpose. We can preserve and conserve buildings while helping them to serve the next generation and generations into the future.

" To be able to re-imagine and bring new life to a building that we grew up around, changing it into something new that represents our changing community, it’s a great service to be a part of. "

— Tanya Richard, Senior Associate and Senior Architect

Adaptive reuse requires a different approach than designing from a clean sheet and ideas. Our team begins by identifying the defining characteristics of a given structure, and then using experience to imagine and design a project where these features can serve new purposes.

Close coordination between our expert team and the project owner ensures that smart decisions are made throughout the course of an adaptive reuse project. This allows us to get the most benefit from the utilization of the building while respecting current building codes and local policies. Alterations and additions made with respect to the original structure are made to bring out the past, not bury it under a new façade.

Our team at Stevens & Wilkinson has helped to adapt buildings across the southeast to fulfill new purposes and meet new visions. Transforming train terminals to restaurants, manufacturing facilities to residences, we have headed projects throughout the region to save our history. Click through to see some of our premiere projects.

At Stevens & Wilkinson, our adaptive reuse projects have met the needs of clients across a vast expanse of industries and project needs. Residential, industrial, commercial and more, we have developed ways to adapt buildings for what our clients need. It’s not just one-time projects either, as clients have continued to come back time and time again for new projects.

" Whether we are blending the old and new into a seamless composition or playing them off one another in juxtaposition, our adaptive reuse projects always result in an eye-catching design. "

— John Abbott, Principal and Vice President

We embrace adaptive reuse as an idea as it promotes sustainable, responsible, and environmentally-friendly growth and development. We are stewards of our surroundings, and we need to pass on an environment that is as good, if not better, than what we are given. Adaptive reuse is not just a type of project – it is a mindset that can be used for growth and redevelopment of entire cities.

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