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Architectural Innovations for Immersive Learning Environments in K-12 Schools

New forms of architecture design for K-12 schools are creating in-depth, adaptive and flexible learning spaces for students with diverse and changing learning needs. There is a growing surge of activity focused on developing new learning environments in response to demands for increased interaction, collaboration, connectivity, engagement, and community. This movement is spearheaded by the need

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‘Doing Good’ the Stevens & Wilkinson Way

Doing good. Do-ing good. What exactly does this mean? When we think of ‘doing good,’ we almost always think of our fellow friends or co-workers who jump at the chance to better our environment and our communities. For organizations, ‘doing good,’ or giving back, is often written into the core of their firm’s overarching mission or vision

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Georgia State University’s new College of Law building gives rise to the next generation of learning and law

By Don Eberly, president and CEO of Eberly & Collard Public Relations | civil + structural ENGINEER August 2016 Issue In today’s competitive college and university environment in which higher education leaders seek to enroll and engage top-ranking students, the Georgia State University College of Law is broadly recognized as a prominent institute of learning. With a long-standing

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Designing for Emerging, Innovative Law Education at Georgia State University

By Don Eberly and Kristen Pappaterra | School Construction News November/December 2015 ATLANTA — Building on Georgia State University’s 30-year history of making legal education accessible through a public, flexible and practice-based program, its College of Law recently welcomed students to a new building designed to transform and encourage flexible learning environments. With a core mission of nurturing community engagement, student learning and the demands of

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CANstruction 2015/2016 | Lights, Camera, Action Against Hunger!

This year, Stevens & Wilkinson teamed with The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company to compete in the 17th Annual Atlanta Canstruction® Charity Competition. Our theme, “Lights! Camera! Action Against Hunger!,” which highlighted the state’s community commitment to the Film Industry, won the 2016 International “People’s Choice Award.” Canstruction’s® mission is to CANstruct a world without hunger. Canstruction®, since

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Singing, “I’m Happy…Happy International Day of Happiness!”

It’s the first day of spring and we are happy, which is a great thing since it also happens to be International Day of Happiness. For those of you who have never heard of International Day of Happiness it is a celebration created by the United Nations to, you guessed it, celebrate the sentiment of joy,

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