University of South Carolina – Housing Masterplan

The Housing Master Plan is a comprehensive study of current housing facilities at the University of South Carolina’s main campus that identify potential buildings for renovation as well as new locations for housing opportunities that fit within the University’s original Master Plan. The study addresses ratios of current student population housed on campus to potential growth as well as amenities necessary within buildings such as dining halls, community/gathering spaces, and living and learning environments. In addition, the Master Plan addresses the phasing of new construction and renovation work with a proposed project timeline. All aspects of project costs (design fees, construction cost, the Office of State Engineer (OSE) requirements, site preparation, asbestos/lead abatement) are analyzed against potential revenue and loss of housing to understand the payback period for new construction and renovation projects.

The study focused on buildings that had not been renovated such as Capstone, Bates West and McClintock. Buildings which had been renovated such as Patterson Hall or recently built such as the new Honors College are referenced in the study but excluded from future work in the Master Plan.

Team members also included VMDO Architects and Brailsford & Dunlavey.

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University of South Carolina


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