Ronald. E. McNair Science Park

The design of the McNair Science Park creatively blends interior and exterior spaces into a holistic visitor experience which honors the life and achievement of Dr. Ronald E. McNair through the use of immersive exhibits related to science and mathematics. The building’s simple form and materiality – a fresh interpretation of a barn, warehouse and mill building – are derived from the agricultural traditions of the region. The building’s skin, which is expressed as a literal framework for the teachings about the life and time of Dr. Ronald E. McNair, features major program components such as exhibit space and classrooms, an orientation theater, gift shop and café, and a number of outdoor gathering areas. Future developments include additional classrooms, and exhibit and community space on the eastern portion of the site in order to further expand and frame the neighboring public park.

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Lake City Partnership Council


Lake City, South Carolina

Project Size

20,000 Gross Square Feet