Irmo High School Masterplan and Renovations & Additions

Faced with growing challenges pertaining to circulation and architectural identity, Stevens & Wilkinson worked with School District Five of Lexington/Richland Counties to develop a campus Master Plan for Irmo High School that would artfully address concerns regarding contrasting architectural styles, school identity and on-site circulation. By revamping on-site circulation and creating a clear delineation between vehicular and pedestrian traffic, our design team proposed an increase in on-site vehicle stacking in order to alleviate traffic backing up onto St. Andrews Road, the main thoroughfare onto campus. By incorporating a number of new plazas and canopies in front of the existing academic buildings, C.A.T.E. facilities and proposed new Auditorium, the design team was able to visually and physically re-connect the campus.

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School District Five of Lexington/Richland Counties


Columbia, South Carolina

Project Size

New Construction – 50,000 square feet; Renovation – 53,500 square feet