Georgia Gwinnett College – Laboratory Classroom

Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) is a constantly evolving four-year college on a trajectory of rapid growth. The administration tasked the design team with creating a building that could serve not only the existing demands for biology, chemistry and physics labs, but could also comfortably accommodate the inevitable demand for expansion.

The main entry was designed to announce its presence as an important node along one of the campus’ main circulation paths. The college administration was interested in maintaining the existing campus palette of exterior materials. Brick veneer, aluminum curtain wall, aluminum storefront systems and metal panels are all common elements of prominent campus buildings such as the library and student center. The new lab building is faithful to the precedent set by these structures. The interior color palette carries on the college’s tradition of using the greens and grays of its school colors.

The administration and the design team collaborated to incorporate sustainable elements into the design. Salvaged carpet from the campus library was re-used in the new lab building along with low VOC paints and stains. Water-efficient toilets and sinks were used in all of the restrooms.

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Georgia Gwinnett Colege


Lawrenceville, Georgia

Project Size

24,000 square feet