Electric Guard Dog

Electric Guard Dog is a company that provides theft deterrent services to a variety of businesses throughout the country. By integrating new technologies into their electric security fence system, Electric Guard Dog has become a leading voice in the security market.

The new headquarters for Electric Guard Dog is located on the fifth floor of the Center for Innovation, a tech focused facility that was designed by Stevens & Wilkinson in 2016. Centered on the edge of Columbia’s Innovista District, the new 20,000 square foot upfit includes a new reception space, conference and training rooms, a live/work space and additional programmatic areas all integrated with the latest technology.

At the core of Electric Guard Dog is a concern for the health and wellness of their employees. Their new upfit subsequently merges the company’s aesthetic brand with adequate natural light, quality indoor air control and new design strategies that seek to provide a beneficial work experience for each employee.

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Columbia, South Carolina

Project Size

20,000 square feet