Winthrop University – Ebenezer Avenue “Scholar’s Walk” Improvements

Stevens & Wilkinson worked with Winthrop University on the re-design of Ebenezer Avenue. “Scholar’s Walk,” as it is called on-campus, focused on the transformation of an existing street into a pedestrian causeway with additional façade renovations to various buildings along the school’s historic student walkway. By limiting the access of cars onto the walkway, “Scholar’s Walk” provides a more prominent link across campus. A wooden trellis flanks each side of the new spine, while brick pavers and stone accents are used to provide a more common thread throughout campus, thus accentuating the architectural identity of the University as well as the surrounding area. At the eastern end of the axis, an open area was created and is now home to both an art part and the Hardin Family Garden. The Garden, which was laid out using “The Golden Ratio,” also features a distinct water design, bridges, serpentine walkways, and semi-private reception spaces.


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Winthrop University


Rock Hill, South Carolina

Project Size

Phase I: 1,500 sf of porticos; 36,000 sf of hardscape/landscape; Phase II: 40,000 sf Sculpture Garden; Gross square feet of renovation: 3,000 sf