Dorchester County Courthouse

Our firm designed a progressive, state-of-the-art courthouse within the context of a small, rural county setting. The County’s new courthouse was the initial phase and centerpiece of an 80-acre master plan and established the architectural language for subsequent structures, all characterized by traditional styling. Special emphasis was given to separating the building’s three main areas: public, judge and jury and security. Key facilities include four new courtrooms, Clerk of Court, judges suites, jury deliberation suites, a jury assembly room, holding cell and security area.

“Even with strict budgeting constraints, they were able to design a handsome building that will be a source of pride for our community. Stevens & Wilkinson provided an efficient plan that answered all the functional needs without wasting space. The design team always kept safety as a number one priority in the court and building layout.” 

Cheryl Graham, Dorchester County Clerk of Court  

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Dorchester County, South Carolina


St. George, South Carolina

Project Size

44,000 Gross Square Feet