Bamberg District Two High School Renovation and New Pre-K-8 Elementary/Middle School

Stevens & Wilkinson was hired by Bamberg County School District Two to provide Pre-Bond Referendum Conceptual Design Studies that would enable the District to renovate their pre-existing high school and construct a new Pre-K-8 facility and School District Administration and Maintenance offices.

The goal – create a combined Pre-K-12 campus, or school facility, with accompanying baseball, softball and soccer fields, tennis courts, and a new 1,500-seat football stadium, that will be able to compete with neighboring districts all while providing an environment that fosters success and sparks creativity.

With hopes of ultimately decreasing the District’s yearly facility maintenance costs, the proposed new campus will consist of the following:

  • A new 75,000-square foot Pre-K-8 school with an initial core capacity of 700 students;
  • Shared Kitchen Area; and
  • More than 85,000-square feet of renovations to the District’s existing high school.

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Denmark-Olar School District Two of Bamberg County


Denmark, South Carolina

Project Size

Addition – 75,000 Gross Square Feet; Renovation – 86,000 Gross Square Feet