We believe that any space can be used as a place for learning; however, when designed properly should foster innovation and enthusiasm for education. Stevens & Wilkinson takes great pride in developing these special environments. We have developed two separate design studios that cater to the specific needs and unique criteria for K-12 and higher education design.

K-12 Education

At Stevens & Wilkinson, we've designed exceptional K-12 schools for nearly 100 years across more than 80 school districts. By working closely with each school district, we are able to make the most use of their budgets by successfully incorporating today’s leading technologies and emerging trends to create sustainable environments that support learning.

Higher Education

We respect the fact that projects for Higher Education are as diverse and unique are their campus communities. Stevens & Wilkinson has designed many of the building and space types found in Higher Education communities. We take pride in our growth and expertise in the design of innovative, forward thinking and collaborative academic spaces.