Our team creates supportive spaces that provide healthy environments for patients, families, physicians and staff. With deep expertise and knowledge of the complex planning and design of engineering systems, we combine opportunities to enhance staff and operational efficiency, while providing the highest-level of patient safety and care.


We create healing environments that enhance the patient experience through the integration of innovative technologies, thoughtful attention to patient comfort and overall operational efficiencies. Using our vast knowledge and understanding of this unique industry, we continue to address the needs of the community while balancing budget and schedule.

Outpatient Care

In this unique environment, we understand the importance of delivering the best in patient satisfaction. Therefore, we embrace the human condition in all aspects of design. Outpatient care must provide a solution that is mindful of facility investment, while also catering to patient considerations.


We believe a building can have a positive impact on a patient’s motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is why we are passionate about creating environments that are comfortable, efficient and inspiring. Through our wellness design, we develop solutions that find the right balance between physical, mental and emotional health.