Clay Stafford Joins Stevens & Wilkinson as Director of Planning

Stevens & Wilkinson announced Clay Stafford has joined its staff as Director of Planning. He joined Stevens & Wilkinson following key positions with Health Education + Research Associates and other firms during more than a two-decade tenure of experience.

Stafford’s scope of responsibility with Stevens & Wilkinson includes serving as key facility strategist, programmer and planner; contributing to business development and marketing strategy development; and participating in firm and project management.

With nearly 25 years of experience in planning, and developing more than 20 million square feet of facilities around the world, Stafford has led and executed a wide range of design, expansion, modernization, master planning and building projects. His experience spans facilities research, planning and programming in the sectors of corporate, commercial, academic, medical academic, healthcare / clinical, forensics, aviation, and government. Stafford also has unique concentrations in science, technology and aviation facilities planning.

Stafford recognizes that large-scale, complex projects require unique perspective, knowledge and process to ensure the envisioned result can be achieved even with the presence of certain restrictions. He is a specialist in the Problem Seeking methodology and works closely with project stakeholders and user groups to establish multidimensional project goals; evaluate areas of need and key requirements; define or create the fundamental groundwork for projects; and accomplish intrinsic project and programming objectives.

Authored content by Stafford has published in Forensic Magazine and R+D Magazine Handbook. He has been a featured or keynote speaker at various universities, conventions and conferences, and received a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia.


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  • Clay Stafford Joins Stevens & Wilkinson as Director of Planning
  • Clay Stafford Joins Stevens & Wilkinson as Director of Planning