A Simple Approach to Complex Design

Through our expertise, we have learned that there are two elements critical for ensuring the success of any complex design project. First, the people involved must agree on the ultimate goal, or desired project outcome. And second, they must agree on the process for achieving such outcome.

A complex building is to be designed over different phases throughout the project. The design work is based on a programming phase or a complete program with topics that can be from various building or design areas. To be successful in complex building, a sense of solving many aspects at the same time must be established, while balancing aesthetical, technical and economical solutions in a comprehensive way. The main goal is to develop a design that is successful in all the phases at the same time.

Capitol Hill Complex Case Study

The complexities of working at the Capitol Hill complex in the State of Georgia included working in an active and critical environment where disruptions to legislative and office functions cannot occur. There is a high level of security at Capitol Hill and all planning and construction activities must adhere to the restrictions that Georgia Public Safety sets in place. The public scrutiny that legislators and elected officials receive in any design and construction work at Capitol Hill adds an additional level of pressure and raises the bar for design and successful completion of projects. S&W continues to meet these challenges over the last ten years of successful projects at Capitol Hill.

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  • A Simple Approach to Complex Design
  • A Simple Approach to Complex Design
  • A Simple Approach to Complex Design